5 Ways to Avoid Emotional Eating

“Addictions occur when you seek to fill an emptiness inside you with something outside you”
                                                                           ~Karen Salmansohn

In this world of constant hustle, competition, always wanting to stand out in the crowd and not being satisfied where you are, we deal with stress, anxiety, anger and even depression and these feelings play a vital role in what we feed our body. It is very essential to be conscious of what you eat and drink in order to maintain your physical and emotional self. It is absolutely ok to have these feelings as these feelings make you feel alive, make you feel who you are but making a constant effort to not let feelings control you is very essential

One more reason for emotional eating is not having the right Mindset as it can propel us forward but it can also be the biggest block

Read on to understand how you can actually avoid emotional eating

1.  Having a Sound mindset:

Overwhelmed by the idea of having a sound mindset? But How do you get there? Well, my friend. It is as easy as having a piece of chocolate when you feel upset.
Having a sound mindset comes from a belief that you can grow and change, that you can affect a positive outcome. The problems and negative feelings are an opportunity for you to change what you have been really doing till now to what you can actually do to make yourself happy and satisfied.

When we try to run away from a situation or any feeling, we tend to suppress those feelings by unhealthy eating, smoking, consuming too much alcohol, etc. These negative habits make us feel good for that moment but they can prove dangerous in the long-term. Instead of running away from an awful situation or a feeling, just let that feeling be there for some time, cry over it, and let it go. 

2.    Write it down:

Expressing emotions through words may speed healing. Spending just 15 minutes a night writing down what you're thankful for could do wonders for your sleep. It makes your mind and body better. Expressive writing has been linked to improved mood, well-being, stress levels and depressive symptoms, as well as more physical benefits of lower blood pressure. So whenever you feel like eating a plate of Fried noodles after any emotional trigger, just write down your feelings first and you will be amazed that you no longer feel the urge to eat anything unhealthy

3.  Do a substitute activity:

Do things which you like to do. Sometimes an alternative activity can fill the emotional need that stands behind your craving. Try going for a walk or run instead of eating a handful of cookies. Dance to loud upbeat music, do yoga if you feel stressed, plan a solo trip for yourself or just sit in silence and meditate. Talking to a friend who you can trust also really helps. Pick up your phone and talk it out, by doing this you will feel light and you won’t crave for those unhealthy bites

4.  Cook your food:

Not only cooking diverts your mind but by cooking your own food you control how much salt goes on your plate, you control the amount of fat and grease, and you can keep the cost by shopping smart. If you want to feel both physically and mentally well, don't eat excessive junk food -it's fairly simple-Eat healthy and feel good. Even if Junk is your option sometimes, be sure to be mindful, indulge in moderation and consider cooking your own food more frequently. Think people! Cooking can save your money, you control your portions and it is the best survival SKILL 😉

5.   Have an attitude of gratitude:

Open your eyes to a gratitude practice and everything else will fall into place. Adopting a gratitude practice takes you out of that problem and towards a solution. It removes you from complaining mode and instantly makes you feel good. Simply start by keeping a mental checklist of your triggers and be aware of your behavior. Start thinking more creative ways to handle your behavior. Do not react to situations immediately. How? Watch your words. What you say is usually how you act, so be aware of complaining and replace whines with positive words. Start with you, be the change and watch as the world changes around you and your gratitude practice.



  1. Dear Blogger,

    Your words of wisdom are a welcome reminder of the good channels that a person can use for a positive way of life.. Hoping your petrichor spreads through winds of time..
    Keep writing..

    1. Thank You Amish for your comment. I am glad that you found the post helpful :)


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